Address: 1120 Finch ave W, North York, ON, M3J 3H7, CANADA

Email: info@missfaceofhumanity.global

MFOH is a project of The Face of Humanity and OKG Global. 
We are a global showcase for young female trailblazers and Ambassadors using their passions, skills and voices to create change and combat social injustices globally.

We are committed to building and developing a new breed of female trailblazers and leaders who will stand out and do remarkable things for themselves and Humanity.

Through our global network, the MFOH project connects motivated delegates, entrepreneurs, media personalities, corporate and charitable organizations, and other inspirational movements through a platform built on the initiative to take concrete action towards pushing boundaries, breaking barriers and uplifting the world through acts of inspiration, enlightenment and empowerment.

We are the Global Voices for LOVE and for HUMANITY. MFOH is a platform and a destination for trailblazers and difference makers.

Through our established system, our mandate is to equip and Empower our official delegates to create meaningful changes across the world. We are doing this by helping each delegate create a cause through their passion project and also having them participate in our signature Ambassador Training Program. 

The goal of our mandate is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER AND ENLIGHTEN. 


Our next event is a global one, taking place in Toronto, Canada from September 25 to October 11, 2020.

More details coming soon. 


Miss Face of Humanity is a Role Model and a global Ambassador for Youth and women Empowerment all around the world. Her Personality is gentle, humble, kind, compassionate and full of love and confidence. Her presence is full of grace, strength and hope. 


She is The Face of Humanity, representing humanity as a whole in fighting for global justice and equality for all. She represents whatever is True, whatever is Noble, whatever is Right, whatever is Pure, whatever is Lovely, whatever is admirable, whatever is Excellent and Praise Worthy. 


Throughout the course of her reign, MISS FACE OF HUMANITY will be a voice for relief and hope. She will travel the world to engage with different individuals, communities, celebrities and dignitaries from all walks of LIFE. As the Face of Humanity, She will also embark on numerous charitable work, public appearances and promotional activities worldwide.