Miss Face of Humanity Congo 2021

Joëlle Kabisoso


Sisters in Sync



Q1. In A Few Words, What Can You Tell The World About Yourself?

As a very passionate and driven individual, there is not a task or challenge that can be presented where I will not be committed to seeing it through until the end. I often like to take big risks and push myself outside of my comfort zone. In my spare time, I love to travel and organize events and celebrations. When I retire, I hope to travel the world planning lavish parties for underprivileged children.


Q2. What Is Your Advocacy?

My organization Sisters in Sync, has a mission of bridging the gap between the lived experiences of trauma survivors. Our goal is to promote equitable accessibility to recovery programs for survivors of sexual violence by facilitating spaces for them to improve their self-esteem, emotional intelligence, and build their resilience.  In doing so, we hope to dismantle the notion that Black girls and women are often willing participants in their own victimization, thus not being believed when disclosing their experiences or receiving inadequate support and services. 

Q3. As An Ambassador, What Makes You Proud Of Representing Your Country At The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Showcase?

My country’s potential and resilience makes me extremely proud. As a nation who has faced much adversity, I am inspired by our ability to be resilient. If my life is a testament of the country that birth me, I believe that Congo will have the greatest comeback in history, and will one day reclaim its land and will rid itself of corruption and violence against women. 

Q4. What Specific Thing Will You Promote About Your Country?

Congo is a country extremely rich in natural resources, such as renewable energy, and various minerals. I want to promote my country’s ability to provide the world with the necessary resources that make it possible to enjoy our electronics and access some of the most beautiful jewelry and art. 

Q5. What Will You Accomplish If You Become The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Title Winner?

Promoting women's human rights and gender equality is a priority in the work I wish to accomplish. I hope to establish restorative justice services as well as various recovery programs for survivors of violent sexual assaults and rape. In addition, I hope to use my platform to facilitate conversations between various levels of government, stakeholders, and its constituents on best practices to address gender-based violence.


Miss Face of Humanity is a global showcase for female change-makers who believe in the power of humanity to change the world.