Miss Face of Humanity Hong Kong 2021

Juliette Louie


No BS Factory


Q1. In A Few Words, What Can You Tell The World About Yourself?

Born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, I was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2017 after fast-tracking 3 years of university graduating in Employment Relations. I’m a self-sufficient full-time actor and model. On the side, I run and own a coaching business, and I speak French, English and Cantonese. 


Q2. What Is Your Advocacy?

I’d like to see everyone of all shape, sizes, color be their real selves in this world, where social expectations are far beyond what a ‘normal’ life really is like nowadays. To be confident in yourself, to overcome challenges and push forward, to voice out your concerns without getting crucified, to be free and happy for the life you’re living - is an everyday struggle for some people. I want to get this message and energy across to everyone, so that people can be empowered by themselves and do the things they really want to do, while giving humanity their own kind of beauty!

Q3. As An Ambassador, What Makes You Proud Of Representing Your Country At The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Showcase?

Hong Kong is a beautiful fast-paced country where everything is made with luxury, quality and elegance. It's the place where I grew up, and I love my home. Though I may not be you’re a-typical Asian beauty with fair white skin, I represent the inner beauty of Hong Kong: its strength from the people, its innovation and change. I am proud to stand with those who fight for democracy, believe in forward thinking, and accept and support each other through love & empowerment.

Q4. What Specific Thing Will You Promote About Your Country?

Hong Kong is where the East meets the West, it’s an international city. Because of that, we have so many different people, traditions, culture and mindset. Innovation is constantly happening in Hong Kong, but it doesn’t have to just be about infrastructure. People’s idea of beauty is always changing, thus, it should be inclusive and loving, which is why it’s important to be part of change. Different faces of humanity & beauty starts with acceptance, followed by embracing diversity, then believing in who you are and owning it with power & confidence.

Q5. What Will You Accomplish If You Become The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Title Winner?

As Miss Face of Humanity 2021, I would be able to continue my work by spreading my message on a bigger platform where I can encourage more people to embrace their true selves, because that is what being happy and being human is all about. I would do more speaking engagements to young adults about confidence and the importance of owning your life. My duty for humanity will be to lead by example and facilitate an inclusive message to everyone, especially for the generations to come because it's important to remember our values and responsibility to support one another in this world.


Miss Face of Humanity is a global showcase for female change-makers who believe in the power of humanity to change the world.