Miss Face of Humanity Australia 2021

Maddy May


It’s OK to be me


Q1. In A Few Words, What Can You Tell The World About Yourself?

I am someone who are uniquely trying to stand for myself, my morals and what I stand for whilst pushing the barrier of the glass ceiling that is all around everyone. I am someone who stands for the right reasons and carefully chooses who I am honoured to represent and advocate for.


Q2. What Is Your Advocacy?

My advocacy is a campaign that I created aimed to change the society that pull all the negativity that festers and turns into mental health issues later in life. I want to help people to change their point of views on how to deal with the mental health issues and help everyone to focus on the beautiful things on themselves and their lives and to not let those emotions fester and grow and I want to create a society which to uplifts ourselves and each other rather than the contrary. #itsoktobeme

Q3. As An Ambassador, What Makes You Proud Of Representing Your Country At The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Showcase?

I am proud of my country and its multicultural heritage and as Australian we are known as a very friendly and easy-going people with our laid-back nature and unique sense of humour. We also value on freedom, respect, fairness, and equality of opportunity. 

Q4. What Specific Thing Will You Promote About Your Country?

I would like to promote the concept of talking about mental health issues and encouraging others to help each other and build each other up rather than just rely on medication. With mental health it is like any other health issues that cannot be fixed just with a medication. I believe as a society we can help our friends break that cycle should they have a bad day, month, or year or in anything else…and talk about the issues that are present.


Q5. What Will You Accomplish If You Become The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Title Winner?

To start, I would love to travel to different countries and establish the way the mental health issues are happening in their countries and I would also like to start the discussion on the Indigenous in Australia about the persecution, trauma and the systematic issues that are now ever present.



Miss Face of Humanity is a global showcase for female change-makers who believe in the power of humanity to change the world.