Miss Face of Humanity Colombia 2021

Laura Isabel Valderrama Ruiz

Loving is caring



Q1. In A Few Words, What Can You Tell The World About Yourself?

As a missionary daughter, I was risen to help others, so I grow up to be a loving and caring person with a strong and powerful character.


Q2. What Is Your Advocacy?

I am a doctor, and my focus is that everyone can have accessible and proper medical care. I love volunteering in medical brigades helping the ones that need it most and promoting prevention of the disease and healthy habits such as exercise, enough sleep, and a proper food balance.

Q3. As An Ambassador, What Makes You Proud Of Representing Your Country At The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Showcase?

Colombians are gorgeous, enterprising, and hard-working people in a country full of amazing fauna, flora, and culture. I feel lucky and proud to represent all the wonders of my beautiful nation.

Q4. What Specific Thing Will You Promote About Your Country?

I would definitely promote the tourism. Colombia it’s a beautiful country with amazing people and I would like people see that.


Q5. What Will You Accomplish If You Become The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Title Winner?

 If I win Miss Face of Humanity 2021, I keep participating in medical brigades to bring health to people who need it most. Also, I would like to create a movement that encourage people to help each other.


Miss Face of Humanity is a global showcase for female change-makers who believe in the power of humanity to change the world.