Miss Face of Humanity Palestine 2021

Omega Melhem Kuri

Freedom and sovereignty in Palestine



Q1. In A Few Words, What Can You Tell The World About Yourself?

I believe that humility is what makes you great, throughout life I have learned that we come to the world precisely to teach what we need to learn. Curiosity, love and passion are some reasons of what makes my motor grow to keep looking for answers, and the more I look for them, the more I realize that if you don't live to serve, you don’t serve to live.


Q2. What Is Your Advocacy?

As a Palestinian woman, I need to give my testimony of freedom in the face of a lucky situation, I had the joy of growing up in Mexico and living with the rights that every woman deserves, but I know that Middle Eastern women need to be heard and protected against all forms of violence, the humanitarian crisis is something that affects everyone, and I cannot sit idly by. One voice can be the voice of every woman in risk and in thirst for justice and peace.

Q3. As An Ambassador, What Makes You Proud Of Representing Your Country At The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Showcase?

For me is an honor to represent Palestine, my grandmother was born in Jerusalem and her mom being a young woman had to travel on boat during the second world war, with her babies, after a whole big family was raised in Mexico with opportunities that some other Palestine women couldn’t have. So now, I feel proud and grateful to be representing a country that wants to see a change, because I am ready to give all I can to those who need to be heard, helped, and saved. I feel the necessity to open my arms, heart and wisdom into politics, to see a change together into what Palestine humanity deserves.

Q4. What Specific Thing Will You Promote About Your Country?

Everything about Palestine culture is so much beauty and respect, the literature, architecture, the traditional suits, the music, and dances are amazingly beautiful. The Dabke dance is a folkloric dance which is unknown for many other countries. As a singer, dancer, and performer, I think that the artistic presentations are so much overwhelming for every human. I am a belly dancer, and that art can motivate and empower many Palestine woman that are looking for their self-love, power, femineity, and freedom.  


Q5. What Will You Accomplish If You Become The Miss Face Of Humanity 2021 Global Title Winner?

Empathy is the key to success, the world is needing so much of it, of love, of peace, of faces that raise their voice into the truth, people want to see real leaders that lose their fear of making the same structures with no changes. I am capable of being brave, of innovating new statements of rights for both man and woman, we all deserve the same power in aspects of economy, political solutions, and culture. I will go for the change of inclusion, campaigns where people are heard, raise funds from civil society to support education, equality, medical assistance, and must importantly my constantly job would be to look for the need in moment to take action in masses with people that like me believe in a world of peace.


Miss Face of Humanity is a global showcase for female change-makers who believe in the power of humanity to change the world.